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. it continues tonight with hundreds of thousands of people expected to visit the city for a number of big events including fleet week and the giants playoff game. ktvu's christian captain joins us live from at&t park to tell us how we will likely see a repeat tomorrow. >> reporter: by now, at&t park is jam packed with fans watching tonight's game. it is just the latest major event in a city that is jampacked with weekend activities. >> ♪[ music ] >> if you are singing the blues in san francisco, it is and because there was nothing to do. the bluegrass festival kicked off to a crowd of thousands. the city marina district have the wild blue yonder that brought up the crowd. fans say that the four our air show was great but the highlight came at the end. >> the blue angels. we like at all. they are all impressive but the blue angels are phenomenal. >> just a few hundred yards away was the deep blue sea that drew the crowd. america's cup fans lined the shoreline watching the sailboats. >> we have fleet week and the ac45 and the blue angels. and look at this location. we have the golden gate b
. >> a, a hearing is scheduled for mid december to discuss the motion and the city of oakland is expected to fight the request. >>> for the sixth year in a row, car thefts in california are decreasing. highway patrol says auto thefts are down 1.3% this year compared to last year. they attribute the decrease tone forcement and advancing technology. >> license reader technology. lojack technology. bait vehicle technology, we place cars, in places we want them to be stolen so we can chase down offenders and take them to custody. >> last year, 84.9% of cars stolen were recovered. >>> ceo meg whitman said the hard times at hewlett packers will last a number of years. the company is working on new products and services. hp's stock dropped 13% as whitman warned it will take time to recover because of the weak global recovery. all of it as-just experienced much gee she said she was push because of what her attorney calls retaliatory actions. now her attorney mer can youy news, powell was told to clean her office, turnoff the computer and not return much powell calls it a transition and says she r
-to-date they are and whether it is monitored. police say they are not aware of any city sponsored program offering this service. >> the family of slain schoolteacher susie company announced plans for her funeral. the family says that services will be next friday morning in rodeo. that is near st. patrick's school where she taught elementary school for 13 years. she was found stabbed to death at her home eight days ago. police say a husband and wife from southern california, and who were arrested near seattle, will be charged with turmeric. she is survived by her husband, four children and one grandchild. >>> caltrain says a woman is hospitalized after being struck by a train in san francisco. a spokeswoman said the woman was on that near 16 street when she was hit by a southbound train at about 10:20 a.m. this morning. caltrain says it appears to be an accident. 160 passengers on that train were transferred to another train. caltrain service returned to normal by noon today. >>> a string of accidents on interstate 880 set several people to the hospital this morning. first, a man and fell asleep at the wheel
tonight at city hall ranged from international -- the crowd heard from former us secretary of state george shultz, representative and the libyian ambassador to the united states. his family contacted charlotte shultz about holding this proceeding. >> this is a seat of government and he did serve our government. >> >> he was a full effective participant in his be loved democracy. >> he talk with the people. he meet with the people. he know they suffer. >> we also heard tonight from retired us ambassador -- he is heading up the state department panel investigating stevens death in libya. >> we are not in a position to comment on that because we are in the middle of that kind of an investigation. that is continuing on. >> we are told that the event was paid by for by steven's family with city workers donating their time tonight. another memorial ceremony on the east coast is also planned in the near future for ambassador stevens. channel 2 news? >>> and has complete coverage of the memorial. >>> cap sized one of its biggest multi million dollars america's racing boats today. this is
cities. including johnson city, tennessee. springfield. cardinal triple-a affiliate memphis. wainwright should smile. >> joe: shane robinson batting for wainwright. seven innings, one run, four hits. strike one. no walks, five strike-outs. adam wainwright possessed a great curveball, that was on display all night. it was evident in the first inning he had his good stuff. a good bounce back start for wainwright after the rough game five division series start in washington. 0-2 on robinson. 0-4 with an rbi so far this post season is robinson. two runs scoring against mota. he went around. strike-out ends the inning, but not before the cardinals score two runs for the third consecutive inning. lead by seven. what a night for adam wainwright. he got the ball, the start in game four. on his way to a victory. hands it over to the bullpen. up by seven, through seven. so, explain this. how can something get bigger.. and smaller? there's more of it.. and less of it? well, i guess the laws of physics are more like.. general guidelines.
will be in the low to mid-50s. san jose 54, san francisco 52, redwood city around 53 degrees. cloud cover tonight the main shower band is heading to the south toward southern california. another weak system moves in for friday night. at least for tomorrow morning we're going to hold on to a few sprinkles, more cloud cover, partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. some sprinkles, chance first thing friday morning. decreasing clouds for friday afternoon that will set the stage for a nice afternoon. temperatures still on the cool side. 60s, warmingest locations around 70 degrees out toward antioch and brentwood, san jose 68, san francisco forecast high around 62 degrees. here is a look ahead. temperatures warming up, especially by sunday, monday, and tuesday. warmest locations inland on track to reach the low to mid- 80s. looking pretty good in the long range. tomorrow a cool day especially for the morning hours. >> it's been a cool, rainy, feels like fall is in the air. >> we do warm back up. i had some 80s in there. it's not out of question next week a few neighborhoods could be approaching 90 degree
this year our cell phone related. it is in line with the new york city. dan kalb was held up at gunpoint last week and robbed of his cell phone. one security expert estimates that it will cost consumers more than $30 million this year alone. a national database reported that stolen phones will go online late next year. >>> 10 digit dialing went into effect this morning in the south bay. that is for phones with 408 area code. 911, 411 and 511 can be dial directly. a new area, 699, will go into effect. new numbers are expected to run out in a few months. >>> back to our election 2012 coverage. the vice presidential candidates hit the campaign tales -- trail today. as president obama and challenger mitt romney prepare for the third and final debate on monday, we report on this. >> reporter: the final presidential debate and the election are just around the corner. the candidates are not wasting time. >> mitt romney and president obama prepare to go head-to- head and the vice presidential candidates took to the trail. paul ryan campaigned in ohio and pennsylvania. >> we are going to run
back to the all-star game in kansas city. matt cain, the starter and winner. pablo sandoval with a three-run triple. and the formally suspended melky cabrera was the all-star mvp to give home field advantage for the national league in this upcoming world series. and sandoval and cain right in the middle of all of it here in game seven, trying to get the giants there. it will start on wednesday night, and it could very well start here in san francisco. on the air 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific wednesday night. now we join public address announcer renel brooks moon for the introduction of got bless america. >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your caps as we honor america and our military troops around the world with the singing of god bless america. please welcome multi-platinum recording artist, 16-time grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer, who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, brian mcknight! [cheers and applause] ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ fro
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8